The emphasis in our Spanish classes is given to the development of oral comprehension and speaking ability by means of interactive exercises, group discussions, and the use of media. Beginning Spanish students will gain their knowledge of grammatical structures and develop their speaking and listening ability. Intermediate and advanced strive to deepen their knowledge of grammatical structures, ameliorate and polish their comprehension and speaking skills.

SPANISH BEGINNER I (Tuesday from 6:15pm to 7:15pm)

This class is for complete beginners or students who studied Spanish very briefly. In this class, students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar to start effectively communicating in Spanish. Students will explore different topics such as introducing themselves and others, describing their friends and family, talking about their work and interests, ordering food at restaurants, and going shopping in Spanish speaking countries.

Textbook:Dos mundos on Amazon

SPANISH BEGINNER II (Tuesday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm)

This class is for students who studied Spanish for at least one year and would like to continue. To enroll in this class, students are recommended to be able to use present and past tense and have enough vocabulary to be able to express themselves in Spanish on variety of everyday and cultural topics. This class will help students to increase their vocabulary, learn necessary grammar topics to be able to speak in Spanish, and effectively understand oral Spanish. The class is taught completely in Spanish.

Textbook: Dos mundos on Amazon


This class is for students who have studied Spanish for more than two years' and/or lived in Spanish speaking countries at least for a short period. To enroll in this class, students are recommended to have sufficient vocabulary and know major grammar topics to be able to understand and express themselves in Spanish. Students are also expected to understand written Spanish. The purpose of this class is to help students to polish their grammar usage in oral Spanish and become fluent in Spanish.


We are offering different levels of Spanish for middle and high school students. Please see our schedule for July/August session on or first page.

1. To visit cultural events, concerts, and lecturer, please go to La Pena center in Berkeley. The link for the center is provided below.

2. To practice your Spanish, consider joining one of the meet-up groups in the Bay Area. The link for the Spanish meet-up in Oakland is provided below.

3. You can check your pronunciation at Forvo. Please click on link below to go there.

PORTUGUESE BEGINNER I (This class will be offered in July/August session.)

This course is intended for complete beginners with no knowledge of Portuguese. The course will introduce students to the Brazilian Portuguese language and the culture of Portuguese-speaking countries. Students will learn how to talk about themselves and the people around them and will learn basic grammar, including the present and past tenses. We will also explore the cultures of Brazil, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking countries by listening to music, sampling food, and learning about festivals.