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How does the Bohr-Einstein debate shed light on the narrow and broad meanings of scientific activity in the philosophy of science?


Focusing on the debate between Bohr and Einstein at the Solvay Conference in 1927, this course analyzes Popper’s and Kuhn’s philosophies of science and sheds new light on the distinction between narrow and broad scientific activity.   In 1927, the Fifth Solvay Conference, held in the Belgian capital of Brussels, took place over several days in a debate that would go down in...

The secret of the rubber band’s many transformations and the application of shape memory polymers


The secret of how young children can play with yellow rubber bands and make different shapes is their resilience. Shape memory polymers, which have similar properties, show promise for innovative applications in a variety of industries by utilizing their ability to return to their initial shape.   Two young children are playing with a yellow rubber band. Using their tiny fingers to make...

Is taping windows with tape or newspaper an effective measure when a typhoon approaches?


When Typhoon Bolaven hit South Korea in the summer of 2012, many people used tape and newspaper to cover their windows. However, when analyzing the properties and tension of glass, it turns out that it’s the combination of the window frame and the window pane that matters.   In the summer of 2012, one of the hot topics in South Korea was Typhoon Bolaven. With wind speeds of up to 50...

How did smartphones become a modern necessity, and what technological differences and social changes did they bring?


This article explains why smartphones have become an essential part of modern life and how they have evolved, covering the technological differences between smartphones, feature phones, and PCs, and the social changes they have brought.   If you had to name one component that defines a modern person in the 21st century, it would be a smartphone. These days, it’s rare to find someone...

The importance and technological advancements of offshore plants and FPSOs as land resources are depleted


As land resources are depleted due to increasing energy demand, offshore resource development is becoming increasingly important, and technological advancements and economic efficiency of offshore plants and FPSOs are attracting attention as promising areas of the future shipbuilding industry.   As energy demand increases globally, people are beginning to realize that resources from land are...

What are the roles of alternative energy technologies, governments, and people in addressing resource depletion?


South Korea is facing depleting water and fossil fuel resources, and explains that it needs to develop alternative energy technologies and joint efforts from government, business, and the public to address the issue.   South Korea is classified as the 129th water-scarce country out of 153 countries in the world, with 1,453 cubic meters of water available per capita, which is the annual...

How can MATLAB and ACC/CA technologies in automotive control improve driving comfort and safety?


This course introduces the principles and practical applications of MATLAB for system analysis, automotive control technology, and ACC/CA, with a particular focus on control technology, which is gaining attention in the broad field of mechanical engineering.   Mechanical engineering covers a wide range of fields. When most people think of mechanical engineering, they think of automobiles...

Why is nuclear engineering essential to modern society and what are its main areas of research?


Nuclear engineering plays an integral role in modern society by increasing the efficiency of electricity production, providing clean energy that does not emit greenhouse gases, and conducting research in a variety of specialized areas.   Energy is an essential element when considering the development of modern society. Not only is it the basis for the development of other industries, but it...

The importance of construction management and how process and cost control can help projects succeed


This article explains the importance of construction management and how efficient process and cost control contribute to the success of construction projects, emphasizing the need for risk management and transparency.   Architecture is made up of four main disciplines: design, structure, construction, and environment. Each discipline’s job is to design a building beautifully, ensure it...

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